Understanding Justice

Justice: the quality of being fair; conformity to the principles of righteousness and rectitude in all things; strict performance of moral obligations; practical conformity to human or divine law; integrity in the dealings of men with each other; rectitude; equity; uprightness.
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Justice is one of the four cardinal virtues in classical European philosophy and Roman Catholicism. It is the moderation between selfishness and selflessness.

  • Justice is fair-mindedness — fair treatment and fair play.
  • Justice is equity — evenness.
  • Justice is a square deal — truth.
  • Justice is impartiality — consistency of viewpoint and attitude.
  • Justice is moral obligation — seen through to completion.

Benefits of Justice

  • Justice provides trust — consistent principles depended upon time after time.
  • Justice provides comfort — fair and moral dealings provide security.
  • Justice provides definition — modeling proper moral code.
  • Justice provides clarity — defining right from wrong.
  • Justice provides balance — between integrity and dishonesty.

Acts of Justice in Everyday Life

  • The Bible — Throughout both Old and New Testaments, justice is Divine and also something mortals strive for.
  • The Scales of Justice — A symbol found in every courthouse where the ultimate goal is to find and disburse justice to all.
  • Pledge of Allegiance — Recited daily by American children in schools, acknowledging our need for justice in order to remain indivisibility and keep liberty. "...And justice for all."
  • Civil Rights — Perhaps the most significant example of a political attempt to spread justice and equality between people.
  • Positive Parenting — How often do we hear our children utter, "its not fair?" We need to instill a healthy understanding and sense of justice in our children.

Methods for Achieving Justice

  • Practice Detachment — Make decisions based on facts, not emotions.
  • Weight Options — Before drawing a conclusion, consider all angles approaches and perceptions.
  • Seek Counsel — Develop a network of informed supporters.
  • Strive for Consistency — By stabilizing moods and emotions.
  • Value Education — Read and research wisdom of others who have gone before.

Golden Mean

Obsessive justice

Quotes for Justice

I believe in justice and truth, without which there would be no basis for human hope.
- Dalai Lama -
God has a plan to help bring justice to the world — and his plan is us.
- Gary Haugen -
The greatest justice is being who one is.
- Vanna Bonta -

Recommended Reading

The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. — by Martin Luther King

The life and times, along with the philosophical and theological underpinnings of one of the most influential people whose very existence echoes with advocacy and justice. A wonderful read.

A Field Guide to Good Decisions: Values in Action — by Mark D. Bennett, Joan McIver Gibson

This book is intended as a general guidebook to making good decisions at home and in the business world that reflect good values and include the values and consequences of those around us.

General Rules

Practice virtues daily so that they become ‘habits of the heart’.

Don‘t strive for perfection.

Never give up! Remember: even the greats have off days.

Rely on your intuition.

Avoid extremes. Strive to achieve the golden mean between excess and deficiency of a virtue.

Have fun and enjoy the program with humor and optimism.

The virtue of justice consists in moderation, as regulated by wisdom. Aristotle