Understanding Perseverance

Perseverance: 1) continuing in a course of action without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous failure. 2) persistent determination to adhere to a plan of direction; insistence.
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Perseverance: One of the seven modes. Its positive pole is persistence; its negative pole is immutability. In perseverance, one releases one's energy steadfastly.
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  • Perseverance is backbone — showing strength of character.
  • Perseverance is determination — boldness and assurance.
  • Perseverance is diligence — hard work and constancy.
  • Perseverance is steadfastness — allegiance combined with will-power.
  • Perseverance is persistence — endurance, stamina and resolution.

Benefits of Perseverance

  • Perseverance provides commitment — dedication to sticking it through to completion.
  • Perseverance provides consistency — unwavering and sturdy.
  • Perseverance provides resolution — tenacity and purposefulness.
  • Perseverance provides spirit — enthusiasm, energy and heart.
  • Perseverance provides steadiness — staunch and constant.

Acts of Perseverance in Everyday Life

  • The Bible — When Jacob fell in love with Rachel he needed to work for her for seven years. After seven years of hard work, he was given Leah. He persevered and worked for another seven years only to be given Leah's hand-servant. After another seven years of hard work in the field, he was given Rachel's hand-servant and finally after finally persevering for 28 long years, Jacob was granted Rachel's hand in marriage.
  • Back to School — There are more and more people returning to school to advance their education later in life. Although they have put their dreams and goals on hold for many years, their perseverance is uplifting and a true source of encouragement and inspiration.
  • That's Show Biz — Overnight success? Hogwash! Anybody who has ever made it in show business is a living example of a person who is undaunted and has stuck with their dreams.
  • Persist and Publish — For every published work, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of rejected manuscripts. Thank goodness there are writers who have made the decision to keep writing and keep submitting rather than giving up.
  • Positive Parenting — Teaching children from the earliest of ages, that mistakes and failure are part of life. By showing children how to find the learning experience and the positive outcome of their mistakes they learn how to keep trying and not to fear failure and mistakes.

Methods for Achieving Perseverance

  • Develop Clear, Well-Defined Goals — They will serve as clear visions of where you are headed in front of you, as reminders and reinforcements. Keep focused on them.
  • Be Willing to Risk, Rather Than Fear Failure — Learn from mistakes and failures as they bring you one step closer to accomplishing your goals.
  • Want It Enough — Passion is critical and needs to be reaffirmed regularly.
  • Fight Procrastination — Make "Do It Now" your new mantra.
  • Learn From Heroes And Role Models — Follow in the footsteps of those who have achieved through perseverance. Emulate their persistency and steadiness of purpose.

Golden Mean

Apathy, Laziness, Indolence
Stubbornness, Inflexibility

Quotes for Perseverance

It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.
- Albert Einstein -
With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.
- Thomas Foxwell Buxton -
I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.
- Author Unknown -
The drops of rain make a hole in the stone not by violence but by oft falling.
- Lucretius -

Recommended Reading

Keep Going: The Art of Perseverance — by Joseph M. Marshall III

What this book lacks in volume, it makes up for in inspiration. Marshall shares stories in the form of conversation between his hero, Jeremy and Jeremy's grandfather, Old Hawk. A great 'lesson' in persistence and perseverance.

Unstoppable: 45 Powerful Stories of Perseverance and Triumph from People Just Like You — by Cynthia Kersey

Combining personal stories of everyday people who have accomplished extraordinary things along with some self-help techniques that helped them get there...what a wonderful idea Ms. Kersey had. This is one of those books that you will want to read over and over again for the sheer enjoyment of it!

Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance — by Julia Cameron

The Third in a Trilogy by author/teacher/aspiring music lyricist Julia Cameron focused on unleashing creativity where it lives, within each and every artist. This book devotes much of its exercises and significant writings to keep artists fresh and maintaining their creative juices flowing.

General Rules

Practice virtues daily so that they become ‘habits of the heart’.

Don‘t strive for perfection.

Never give up! Remember: even the greats have off days.

Rely on your intuition.

Avoid extremes. Strive to achieve the golden mean between excess and deficiency of a virtue.

Have fun and enjoy the program with humor and optimism.

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. Newt Gingrich